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Standard of Services


Government Psychiatric Diseases Hospital (GPDH) is a tertiary care Psychiatric Hospital and provides quality psychiatric services to all patients.



In order to ensure transparency, extend accountability  and  carry out the services effectively and courteously, Citizen’s Charter for the Government Psychiatric Diseases Hospital GPDH, GMC Jammu, has been prepared.

The charter seeks to provide a frame work which enables our users to know:

  • Kind of services offered at GPDH.

  • The quality of Services they are entitled.

  • The means through which complaints regarding denial or poor quality service will be redressed.

Patient’s Rights In The Hospital

1.Right To Acess To All Services Provided In The Hospital.

2, Right To Information.

3.Right To Make Decision.

4.Right To Privacy And Cofidentiality.

5.Religion And Cultutal Freedeom.

6.Right For Grievance Redressal.

7.Right For Emergency Care.

General information

At present bed strength of the Hospital is 120. The GPDH primarily seeks to provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative mental health services.

GPDH has open wards for male and female patients separately. In open wards patients have to be accompanied by relatives or caretakers.


Out - Patient Department

OPDs are conducted on working days. However, 24 hours psychiatric emergency services are provided on all days.

 O.P.D. timings are 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., O.P.D Registration timings are from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p. m.

Every patient seeking treatment at GPDH is registered and issued a card, indicating his/her name and registration number. The patient has to pay Rs.10/- as registration fee except in medico legal cases and senior citizen.

            OPD consultations, investigation and treatment are charged as per approved rates.

Certificates like I.Q. Certificates, Appendix IV (form for the purpose of grant of financial assistance to slow learners/ learning disabled/autistic children), Appendix II (form for the purpose of grant of financial assistance to Mentally Challenged students), certificate for person with Mental Illness Disability, Certificate of Mental Retardation for Government benefits, Concession Certificate (Mentally retarded person who cannot travel without an escort), and Certificate for person with Autism are issued on the written request by the person. Fees are collected as per approved rates.

Indoor treatment

a)      All patients needing hospitalization are admitted as in patients.

b)      Free diet is provided to all the patients admitted in this hospital.

c)       Visitors are allowed only at notified visiting hours i.e. 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. No male visitors are allowed to see female patients after 8.00 p.m. unless permitted by the doctor in charge.

d)   Free  treatments  for indoor  patients under PMJAY/SEHAT Programme.

Specialized Services


Specialized services are offered by doctors from Govt Medical College and Hospital Jammu, as and when necessary through Liaison services. GPDH extends Liaison services to the patients from Govt Medical College and Hospital Jammu as and when required. Covid Support OPD for psychological help to post COVID Patients is also offered.


Laboratory Services:

1.    Laboratory facilities are available from 10.00 to 2.00 p.m. on working days.

        2.   Routine Pathology and Biochemical investigations are conducted at the GMC Jammu Laboratory.

Casualty and Emergency Services:

a)           Psychiatric Emergency Services are attended round the clock on all days in the Hospital.

b)           Doctors on duty are available round the clock.


GPDH ambulance is used to shift patients to GMC Jammu and associated hospitals round the clock.

Miscellaneous Facilities:

1.    Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available.

2.   Canteen functions near the OPD building.

3.   Wheel Chair and Trolley are available in OPD block.


Guidelines to apply for certificate

An application addressed to the Medical Superintendent, GPDH stating name of the patients registered, hospital number and  the purposes of such certificate has to be made by the patient / guardian / caretaker. Purpose of certificates can be multiple such as tax benefits financial assistance I.Q. certificates, for admission to a special school, seeking medical fitness, Medical Report of patients etc. Certificates for disability assessment are to be routed through Chief Medical Officers of the respective districts.

Facilities in Clinical Psychology

1.   Psychological Assessment

2.   Psycho-therapy psychological counseling, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, couple – family therapy, group therapy and play therapy.

3. Clinical Psychological tests

 Intelligence tests: Vineland Social Maturity Scale, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test, Bhatia’s Battery of Performance Test of Intelligence, etc.

Personality Test: Rorschach Ink Blot Test (RIBT)


Memory test: Wechsler Memory Scale, P.G.I Memory Scale etc.


Neuropsychological test: Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test, P.G.I. - B.B.D used to assess organizing and  cognitive deficit.


Apart from all this, various rating scales are used to assess the nature and severity of the symptoms to facilitate psychological intervention.

Facilities of Psychiatric Social Worker

1.    Taking of case study of OPD and indoor patients.

2.   To contact the relatives of the patients.

3.   To contact the friends, neighbors, Health Centres, Panchayat and area police if no relatives.

4.   To contact the NGOs and shelter homes for rehabilitation of the patients.

5.   Locating residential addresses of the outstation patients through State Police to send the patients to their respective homes.

6.   Visits to the patients house whenever required.

7.   Making      awareness        about      Government       Schemes       to    the     needy patients.

8.   Placement in rehabilitation centers for homeless patients and to those who do not have any relatives to look after.

9.   Verifying residential address through local police.

10     Taking round in the wards and visiting the referred cases /patients.

11      To contact embassies whenever required in case of foreign national patients.


Pharmacy Facilities:

1.    Pharmacy Facilities are available for public at OPD level from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on all working days and for indoor patients round the clock.  

  2.   Medicines identified for OPD use are provided free of cost (subjected to availability) at OPD level for registered Patients.

 Academic facilities

GPDH has one Associate Professor, one Assistant Professor and one Consultant, two Lecturers, one Senior Residents and four medical officers. GPDH offers Post Graduate training in Psychiatry. The intake is 4 seats in DNB in Psychiatry approved by National Board of Examinations.

GPDH imparts bed side clinics and lectures to undergraduate MBBS students of GMC Jammu. Lectures are also imparted to Bsc in Nursing students and students of MA psychology of University of Jammu.


Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall of GPDH is equipped with audio Visual aids & LCD Projector utilized for conducting lectures, workshops, Seminars and discussions by Faculty for Under Graduate / Post Graduate Students in Psychiatry and students from other allied health sciences posted at GPDH.


Library Section

Hospital Library has 471 medical books and journals in General Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychological, Biochemistry etc. Library is provided with internet facilities which help the Post Graduate Students for Research and Presentations.GPDH Library caters services to all the Faculty members, Teaching – Non Teaching Staff, Clinical Psychologists, Senior Residents, Junior Residents, Interns posted in Psychiatry, Pathologist, Biochemist, Social Worker, Nursing staff etc. Besides, newspapers are made available.

Kitchen Facilities

Outsourced from GMC Jammu.

Complaints and Grievances

If there are any grievances they may contact Public Grievances Officer, Dr. Sanjogita Raina, Medical officer of this Institute. Every grievance will be acknowledged and looked into within shortest possible time of its receipt. Complaint box is kept outside OPD for the purpose.

Users responsibilities:

1.    Please try to appreciate the constraints under which this hospital is functioning. On an average 100-150 patients attend  OPD/Casualty  daily.

2.   Please do not cause any inconvenience to other patients.

3.   Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat  and clean.

4.   Please use the facilities of this hospital with care.

5.   Beware of touts.

6.   Please refrain from demanding undue favors from the staff and officials.

7.   Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestion, which may be addressed to the Medical Superintendent/ HOD Psychiatry, GPDH.






Telephone Numbers

Dr. Keerti Bhushan Sharma

Medical Superintendent

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr. Manu Arora

Associate Professor & HOD

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr Shabnam Rivees

Assistant Professor (Clinical Psychology)

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr. Rakesh Banal

Assistant Professor

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr Abhishek Chowhan

Consultant Psychiatrist and Officer-in-Charge

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr Rajinder Kumar


Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr Rameshwar Manhas

Medical Officer

Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu


Dr Varun Gupta


Govt. Psychiatric Diseases Hospital

GMC Jammu













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