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The department of Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology Govt. Medical College, Jammu came into existence in the year 1973 when the 1st Batch of Medical students of Govt. Medical College, Jammu who were admitted at Govt. Medical College, Srinagar as guest students were transferred to Jammu.  Initially the Govt. Medical College, Jammu functioned from barracks specially created for the purpose. 

Dr. J.D. Sharma was the 1st Professor and Head of the Department.  He was later on joined by Dr. R.K. Raina and Dr. V. Amla as Associate Professor and Lecturer respectively.  The Department of Pharmacology shifted to its present location in 1980.

 The Postgraduate Programme in Pharmacology started in 1979 and this happened to be one of first four M.D. programmes approved for Govt. Medical College, Jammu by the University of Jammu, started with intake of two postgraduate students per year.  The programme has progressed since then and the department has been upgraded to its present status of Postgraduate Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics and Toxicology imparting MCI recognized MD course.

 The Department has so far produced 36 Pharmacologists, many of whom occupy prominent positions within and outside the state.

The department has recently been granted ADRM Centre under PVPI, Central Drug Standard Control Organization, Directorate General of Health services,  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of india. The department feels privilege to   start ADRM OPD for the 1st. time to facilitate voluntary ADR Reporting of the cases from public domain, which works on daily basis.

The department also  started few community based   projects in the form of Drug Information Centre/  OPD. The DIC OPD has not restricted itself to only provide information but has gone a step head in providing therapeutic advise/information to the needy. The basis of two OPD's i.e. DIC and ADRM is providing scientific, rational, evidence based, non-promotional information and therapeutic advises to ensure safe drug practices in the interest of health  care . In addition to above mention goal these OPD's shall also serve the purpose of updating medical fraternity with medical advances going across the globe.

The department has also taken a lead by starting electronic library   which is backbone of Institution. In addition it serves the purpose of providing scientific evidence in the form of literature to the Medical fraternity . The department also has put forward his services for any post graduate/research scholar for advices on choosing research question, Medical/ Scientific writings and editing.

The department feels satisfying in contributing and ensuring research with moral, Ethics and human values carried with in the  institution by conducting DAC,  IEC and AIEC meetings.

The future vision is to work and strengthen on post-graduate research and generate high quality/ impact factor research from the department making the department of pharmacology citable across the globe and to start the Toxicology Information Centre from the department. To include various innovative ideas in medical graduate and post graduate teaching programme  is also one of the  departmental future strategies with the aim to groom them as basic prescription competent and confident doctors and researchers.

I welcome any suggestion and feed back  to be incorporate within my scope in capacity of Head.

"Long Live Pharmacology"                                                      Jai Bharat



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