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Issued under endorsement No. & Date Committee
No: GMC/Order/501

Dated 23-05-2017

Library Committee
No: GMC/Order/Committee/502

Dated: 23-05-2017

Gender Harassment Committee
No: GMC/Order/504

Dated 23-05-2017

Cultural Committee
No: GMC/Order/505

Dated 23-05-2017

Student Fund Welfare Committee
No: GMC/Order/506

Dated 23-05-2017

Boys Hostel Committee
No: GMC/Order/507

Dated 23-05-2017

Student Disciplinary Committee
No: GMC/Order/508

Dated 23-05-2017

Anti-Ragging Committee
No: GMC/Order/510

Dated 23-05-2017

Girls Hostel Committee
No: GMC/Order/511

Dated 23-05-2017

Sports Committee
No: GMC/Order/512

Dated 23-05-2017

House Allotment Committee (Non-Gazetted)
No: GMC/Order/529

Dated 25-05-2017


Academic Cell
No: GMC/Order/503

Dated 23-05-2017


Causality/ Emergency Management Committee
No: GMC/Order/618

Dated 06-06-2017

Medical Education Unit
No: GMC/Order/637

Dated 12-06-2017

Public Grievance Committee
No: GMC/Order/639

Dated 12-06-2017

College Canteen
No: GMC/Order/214

Dated 31-03-2017

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
No: GMC/Order/509

Dated 23-06-2017

House Allotment Committee (Gazetted)






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