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 Standard of Services

 Chest Diseases Hospital Govt. Medical College Jammu is a tertiary care Hospital providing quality care services for the management of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis patients reporting in this Hospital.


 Citizens Charter for the chest Diseases Hospital has been prepared to ensure transparency, accountability and to provide the services effectively and courteously to all the Citizens coming to this Hospital for treatment.

 Charter seeks to provide a frame work which enables our users to know:-

1.     The types of services being offered in Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.

2.     The quality of services being provided to the patients.

3.      The means through which complaints regarding poor quality or denial may be redressed.

       Patients’ rights in hospital:

       Right to access to all kinds of services available in the hospital.

2.     Right to make decision.

3.     Right to privacy and confidentiality.

4.     Right to information

5.     Right to grievance redressal.

6.     Religions and cultural freedom.

7.      Right to emergency care.

 General Information:-

Chest Diseases Hospital is 140 bedded hospital located across the road of Govt. Medical College Jammu and is one of the Associated hospitals of GMC Jammu, being looked after by the Doctors and Staff of the Deptt. Of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis, which is a clinical speciality looking after the patients of pulmonary diseases and primarily provide preventive, curative rehabilitative services in addition to imparting education/training for Doctors (Graduates/Post Graduates) as well as training and teaching to the Paramedics.

 It has both outdoor and indoor services for treatment of male and female patients.


I.                  Out Patients Deptt (OPD):-


1.     O.P.D. Services are being provided on all working days and holidays except Sundays.

2.     OPD timing are 10:00 am onwards, every working day.

3.     Registration for OPD starts at 9:30 am and is upto 1:30 pm in routine.

4.     Every patient coming for treatment in this hospital is registered and issued a OPD Card indicating his/her registration number, name,  sex and age for which the patient has to pay Rs 10 except very poor patients, senior citizens and Medico Legal cases.

5.     OPD consultations are provided free of cost and treatment /medicines in OPD are also free, while investigations are charged as per approved rates. Some of the investigations like sputum for AFB is provided free of cost and treatment of Tuberculosis is provided totally free of cost to each and every patient diagnosed with Tuberculosis.


II.               Indoor Department:-

1.     Indoor consists of ward no 1 to ward no 10 with ward no 1 and ward no 2 being emergency wards and patients in need of hospitalizations are admitted in these wards as indoor patients.

2.     All indoor patients are provided treatment/Medicines free of cost.

3.     Free diet is provided to all the Indoor patients admitted in wards.

4.     Visitors are allowed only during the specified visiting hours except in case of serious/sick patients with whom one attendant is allowed to help these patients.

5.     At present patients are directly admitted in ward 1 and ward 2 (Emergency wards) from where they are shifted to other wards after they are stabilized in emergency ward no 1 and ward no 2.

6.     Specialised services/consultations are provided to the patients as and when necessary through liason services and CD Hospital also provides specialized consultations to the patients admitted in Govt. Medical College and Associated Hospitals as well as to the COVID and post COVID patients in other departments. 

Laboratories Services

 Routine Lab Services like Haemotolocial/Biochemical/Pathological investigations are being conducted in Govt. Medical College Jammu.

2.     Other lab Services like Sputum for AFB, Mx testing etc are done daily from 10am to 2pm.

3.     Radiological Services available for patients are :-

a.      C.T Scans-CECT, HRCTS.

b.     Ultra Sonography and Ultrasound guided FNACS and other allied procedures.

c.      Chest Radiology and other Radiological services are available in all working days.


Operation Theatre Services:-


a.      Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy- is done twice a week.

b.     Pleural Aspirations are done on daily basis.

c.      Intercostal Thoracotomy is done on daily basis .

d.     U/S guided FNACS as and when required. 


Ambulance Services:-


C.D Hospital has ambulance Services for shifting patients to GMC and Associated Hospitals round the clock. 


Polysomnography Studies:- are done once a week on appointment basis.

 Specialised Services

a.     Pulmonary function testing for Bronchial Asthma, COPD etc.  


a.     Separate Triage facility for COVID positive patients is made available near the Female block

b.     Wheel chairs and Patient trolleys are available for patients in OPD and Indoor areas.

c.      Adequate drinking water facilities through water coolers and water purifiers are available in Indoor and outdoor patient care areas.

d.     Toilet facilities are available in various sections

e.      Complaint/suggestion box are installed in OPD and Indoor sections.

f.       Waiting/resting Hall along with bathrooms for attendants of the patients coming from far off areas is available.

g.      Pharmacy facilities are available for OPD patients.

h.     The Doctors are available round the clock in this hospital.

i.        This hospital has CCTV network throughout, for monitoring and vigilance.

j.        Dedicated Security Personnel are available round the clock for the benefit of patients, attendants and their belongings as well as safety and security of hospitals’ property.  

 Pulmonary rehabilitation Centre  is available on the first floor in OPD block for patients of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis.

 Academic facilities

a.      Conference Hall for lectures, discussions, workshops and seminars for graduates and post-graduates as well as paramedics is available in OPD block.

b.     Separate lecture Hall for conducting clinical classes for graduates post-graduates and other allied health science students is situated near Female block of CD Hospital Jammu.

 Library Section

a.     Chest Diseases Hospital has library for students, post-graduates, residents and faculty and has books and medicals Journals in Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis.

b.     Library is provided with Internet facilities for the benefit of students, post-graduates, residents and faculty.                                                                              Kitchen facilities are not available in CD Hospital Jammu and is outsourced from Govt. Medical College Jammu.


Complaint and grievances

a.      Grievances/suggestion/Complaint boxes are available in OPD and indoor areas. In case of any grievances/complaints, they may contact Public Grievances Officer, Dr. Rekha Rani, Medical Officer/Dr. Sarish Malik, Registrar of this Hospital. Every grievance will be acknowledged and looked into within shortest possible time for its redressal.

b.     Any positive suggestion will also be considered.

 Users Responsibilities

a.      Please use the facilities available in the hospital with care.

b.     Please do not cause any inconvenience to other patients.

c.      Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat and clean.

d.     Beware of touts.

e.      Please try to appreciate the constraints under which this hospital is functioning. On an average 100 to 120 patients attend OPD daily.

f.       Please refrain from demanding undue favour from the staff and officials.

g.      Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions which may be addressed to be Medical Superintendent/HOD CD&TB for further improvement.

h.     This Hospital is a non-smoking /non spitting zone.

i.        Chewing of Tobacco/Chutkies is strictly prohibited.



Telephone Number

Dr. Rajeshwar Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.



Dr. Rahul Gupta, Professor & HOD

Department of CD & TB, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.



Dr. Abhinav Sharma

Lecturer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Zaeem Khan

Lecturer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Rakesh Dhar

Sr. Consultant, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Sarla Koul

Consultant Radiologist, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Sarish Malik

Registrar, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Niraj

Registrar, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Randeep Singh

Registrar, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Naheed Pamposh

Sr. Medical Officer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Rekha Rani

Sr. Medical Officer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Javaid Iqbal

Medical Officer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Dr. Sadia Malik

Medical Officer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.


Public Grevience Officers/Nodal Officers I/C Triage & COVID Management


1.Dr. Rekha Rani

Sr. Medical Officer, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu

2. Dr. Sarish Malik

Registrar, Chest Diseases Hospital Jammu.













Dr. Rahul Gupta                                                                                         Medical Superintendent

H.O.D                                                                                                              Chest Diseases Hospital,

CD & TB                                                                                                        Jammu.

Chest Diseases Hospital, Jammu.




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